Fishbowl screenshot: Alo in her bedroom
Alo, we will be working from home on Monday

spend a month with Alo

Work from home with a fun color-matching video editing game. Do your best with home care or do as much as you are able to.

rediscover forgotten memories

Solve unpacking puzzles. Experience beautiful, hand-drawn pixel art, cute animations and a cozy lo-fi soundtrack.

Fishbowl screenshot: Alo in the balcony
Get to know yourself better one day at a time
Fishbowl screenshot: Alo looking out of the window
A story of dreams across three generations

build and nurture relationships

Figure out life one day at a time in a heartfelt story with branching conversations. Make decisions, uncover the past, go on a unique journey of self discovery

Enjoy a non-combat story-driven experience.
*Feel* all feelings as there are no *right* endings
Immerse yourself in the warm and cozy story of fishbowl.