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Based in Goa, India

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Fishbowl is a heartfelt coming of age story told over a month where you unpack puzzles to rediscover childhood memories, video call loved ones, work from home while taking care of yourself and chores, to figure out life one day at a time.

Twenty-one year old Alo gets her first job in a new city and is living by herself while grieving her grandma’s death, the choices she makes each day will lead to a unique journey of self discovery.


  • Video call a diverse cast of characters with branching conversations
  • Work from home with a fun matching video editing game
  • Rediscover memories by solving unpacking puzzles
  • Do your best with home & self care or do as much as you like
  • Experience beautiful, hand-drawn pixel art and our cozy lofi soundtracks
  • Make decisions, uncover the past, figure out life one day at a time
  • In Fishbowl, *feel* all feelings as there are no *right* endings


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        — Samantha Low at Tokyo Weekender, 24th July 2023
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        — Chris Scullion at Video Games Chronicle, 14th July 2023
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  • "The pixel art and the lighting look beautiful and make the home look like a cozy place to live in."
        — Nima Dabirian at GameLuster, 12th March 2022


Fishbowl screenshot
Fishbowl screenshot video call zuari
Fishbowl screenshot
Fishbowl screenshot puzzle sorting
Fishbowl screenshot puzzle sorting
Fishbowl screenshot
Fishbowl screenshot video editing menguzonuo
Fishbowl screenshot video editing
Fishbowl screenshot
Fishbowl screenshot dream


Fishbowl screenshot home
Fishbowl screenshot sorting puzzle
Fishbowl screenshot video editing
Fishbowl screenshot video call zuari

Capsule art

Fishbowl capsule art
Fishbowl capsule art

Illustration by Sarthak Sinha


Rhea Gupte
Writing, Creative Direction, Design

Prateek Saxena
Art, Programming, Music, Design

History is the two of us— Rhea and Prateek. In our other lives, Prateek worked as a UX designer at a non-profit and Rhea as a multidisciplinary artist and writer.

We both dreamed of making games and storytelling since we were little. In the middle of the pandemic, we decided to finally embark on the journey, albeit part-time.

We started as beginners, with no prior experience in game development, only having watched as many talks, tutorials, documentaries on the subject as we could over the years. We began learning while building our game. Since we are still working our other jobs, we’ve committed to spending some time daily on Fishbowl. Since April 2021 we’ve been navigating between this measured discipline, boundless excitement and sinking self doubt which typically accompanies making a game.

The idea of Fishbowl is closely inspired by our mindset during the pandemic. Through this time, we were reflecting on our lives in isolation, what it meant to support our loved ones long distance, and to take care of ourselves. Fishbowl is a warm and cozy story about living in isolation, nurturing friendships and understanding grief. We hope it resonates with everybody who plays it.